Ask us any questions you have regarding the app and even request new features.

  • How many devices can I sync my PGSB account to?

    An account is not required to purchase tracks from the store. However, we recommend you create an account so all of your purchasing info can be stored in our system in case you need to restore purchased songs.
  • Do I have to create an account to purchase songs?

    In the Recordings view, slide the fader all the way to the right before sending the track.
  • Will guitar tab be made available in the store at some point?

    Stay tuned for that one!
  • Will purchases I made using an older version of the app be affected by the update?

    Nope! All songs you purchased before will be available to you in the new app. All you need to do is open up the updated app with a network connection and it will begin to restore your purchases automatically.